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Astray Recipes Chocolate Bavarian Cream Pie [BEST]

The sheer amount of donuts that greet you is something amazing. There are three glass shelves filled to the top with donuts, and the variety is what got me excited. They had everything from the traditional staples to blueberry old-fashioned, twice dipped chocolate brownie donuts, maple bacon donuts, and Bavarian cream donut holes.

astray recipes chocolate bavarian cream pie

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I made this cake for my birthday and it really is the best yellow cake. It was a slice of heaven in my mouth, fluffy, moist, tender, and delicious. Topped mine with strawberry buttercream frosting instead of chocolate frosting. Followed the directions very closely and it came out perfect. I made sure my ingredients were room temperature and weighed out the cake flour and sugar for accuracy.

These delicious brownie cakelets are the perfect little portion! They taste especially great when turned into a mini brownie sundae with a scoop of ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. You can also substitute the melted dark chocolate for other types of baking chocolate to change the recipe a little bit.

I will definetely try these! Quality of the chocolate used is the most important aspect I assume. I love to use original belgium chocolate bars for my own recipes. Im sure it is going to be delicious! Great recipe! Thank you!

Buttercream is one of those recipes with very few ingredients. Whenever you are making something that only requires a couple of ingredients, the quality of those ingredients becomes much more important. Use real, unsalted butter for the best buttercream. Though not absolutely necessary, this is also a very acceptable time to use high quality European style butter. I used some unsalted Kerry Gold for this frosting and it was a great decision!

OhhHhMaGOSH! I cannot wait to try this! I accidentally found out about using mascarpone in using. BUT it was in my cream cheese frosting. I totally thought I had enough cream cheese to make my recipe. NOPE. I did have 8 oz of mascarpone. Used it. LAWDY!So so good. not as sweet, more creamy and had a texture to DIE. My DIL, a self proclaimed lover of cream cheese BUT hater of cream cheese frosting, was gaagaa googoo over my rendition with the mascarpone.So. I cannot wait to try the buttercream with mascarpone. may have to bake something this afternoon. BTW I made your cream puff recipe. I used bavarian pastry cream filling instead of whipped cream though. Point is the recipe was on target. Totally appreciate your science lesson about changing the oven temps. Worked like a charm. Thanks Baker Betty 350c69d7ab


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