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We all know how important fitness training is for our body and for our health. Usually we go to the gym and spend hours to no avail. Especially during these circumstances, many are struggling to do a single workout. I know that many of you can find an online video with a home workout. I have trained many athletes in the past and the most important thing I ‘ve learnt is to write functional exercises. What does that mean? Two things. Our body is a machine and it needs to work as one. Also, it means that we need to stay on our feet. If you want to learn how to train like an athlete, you have found the best place.

Intense Training
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All About Fitness

My name is Spyros Langouranis. I am a Personal Trainer and a Elite S&C coach. I am the Founder. Our goal as a team is to make you the best version of yourselves. We can train any individual at any age and at any level, including athletes of any sport. We were at your place once. Let us help you achieve your dreams.

30 Days Fitness Programs

These 30-Days programs are designed for people that want to develop muscles and burn fat. If you don't have time to do online training, or if you don't like it, you can choose between Functional Strength Program and Super Shred Program. These programs are designed for intermediate clients that have experience. For those that are just beginning, the perfect program is the Functional Basic Strength Program. The minimum equipment that you will need is a pair of dumbbells. You may need a pull-up bar and a resistance band. For home training you will need two chairs, one stick from a broom and that's it. Unfortunately for those that want the Six pack program is designed for gym environment only.  For any questions send them to: